A downloadable music-drunk adventure for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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(21:18:24) terrabyte_aura: what if you were
               trapped in a void and you could
               make music to brighten it up
(21:18:30) michcioperz: cool!
(21:20:44) terrabyte_aura: ok, pretty void
(21:21:01) terrabyte_aura: an underlying arpeggio,
               minor to start
(21:21:08) terrabyte_aura: getting prettier
(21:21:12) terrabyte_aura: with every spark
(21:21:52) terrabyte_aura: a song of sparks
(21:21:57) terrabyte_aura: generated by the void
(21:22:01) michcioperz: yesss
(21:25:48) terrabyte_aura: so these arpeggios
(21:25:55) terrabyte_aura: continue randomly
(21:29:41) terrabyte_aura: there is no real goal but
               to create pretty music
(21:30:14) terrabyte_aura: and by creating pretty
               music, you feel happy
(21:31:02) terrabyte_aura: really happy
(21:31:31) terrabyte_aura: and you feel like hugging people
(21:31:39) terrabyte_aura: because you can
(21:31:55) terrabyte_aura: everyone has a pretty little void
Puzzlem00n entered the room.
(21:32:04) terrabyte_aura: and these voids could communicate
(21:32:08) michcioperz: Puz, just in time
(21:32:13) Puzzlem00n: Am I?
(21:32:17) terrabyte_aura: and you could create
               pretty music together <3
(21:32:30) michcioperz: I think he drank something
(21:33:32) terrabyte_aura: I think that I'm drunk
               on beautiful music

Song of Sparks is the abandoned project of three friends: Finnbar "terrabyte_aura" Keating, the trombone-playing Arduino fan from London; Tim "Puzzlem00n" Bumpus, the American Lua programmer and sorta-designer; and Michał "Michcioperz" Sidor, the Polish unpronouncable username.

The game was first created as part of a game jam in Summer 2013 where the goal was to create a game with someone who never had. This person was Finnbar. He came up the initial idea, as you read above, in an IRC meeting, and from that sprung the original game.

Afterwards, the friends further developed the game, creating more style and color and strange experiments, anticipating a far-off rewrite and final release. But, as projects often are, it was abandoned, and these additions became only available through the source on Github.

We have now released the game on itch.io so you may more easily experience this forgotten work. We don't expect it to give you much, but however cacophonous, rambling and unfinished it all is, we want to remember that we made it.


Tim Bumpus- Lead programmer, often graphics artist.

Finnbar Keating- Composer and sound designer, secondary programmer.

Michał Sidor- Moral support officer, ghosticle designer.


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